5 Benefits of Spray Foam Concrete Leveling

Even crack with spray foam concrete repair

Both residential and commercial premises have to use either polyurethane foam or mudjacking to raise concrete that’s sinking, unlevel, or sagging. Generally, when concrete surfaces become old, they develop voids which make the supporting soil unstable. This further leads to concrete sagging, cracking, and crumbling, especially in areas with high traffic. A professional contractor will fill these spaces using spray foam to solve this problem.¬†


Most people consider spray foam concrete leveling due to its numerous benefits, as explained below:

1. Cost-effective

Spray foam concrete leveling is cost-effective compared to replacing the entire concrete slabs. Instead of replacing concrete on your sidewalks, patios, pools, driveways, slabs, or basement floors, consider this method for concrete leveling. On average, replacing concrete will cost you about $6/Sq ft plus other extra costs involved in labor, it will help you save on these costs and is much easier.


2. Spray Foam Quick Process

If you decide to replace your entire concrete, you’ll need days or even weeks, depending on the size, to be replaced. However, if you consider foam concrete leveling, you’ll only need hours or one day. This means you can start using the area in the shortest time possible.


3. Improves Structural Stability

Most people don’t know that polyurethane foam improves structural stability without overloading soil in the affected area. Professional contractors use a process called polyjacking to level the affected areas. The contractors use an engineered foam called polypier that doesn’t give the affected area more weight. This helps to consolidate and compact soil, thus improving structural stability.


4. Moisture Resistance 

Spray foam concrete leveling is moisture resistant. This means that regardless of the wetness experienced in the affected area, the concrete will remain firm without further damage.


5. Spray Foam is an Environmentally Friendly Solution

Polyurethane concrete leveling is an eco-friendly solution. The foam consists of almost 50% recycled and renewable materials, which reduce the environmental impact of its disposal.


In conclusion, these are benefits of spray foam concrete leveling. Polyurethane foam concrete leveling is non-disruptive since it limits costly wear and tear problems.


weed growing through crack in concrete

What Makes a Sidewalk Dangerous?

Most people don’t see the danger posed by sidewalks, especially if they’re damaged. Sidewalks require maintenance from time to time to prevent possible accidents. Some of these maintenance practices include polyurethane concrete repair, re-paving, trimming tree roots, and joint installation. Below are some top things that make a sidewalk dangerous:


1. Multiple Cracks

The presence of multiple cracks in the sidewalks can be dangerous. Severe damage causes a reduction in walkability. Multiple cracks can easily cause slip and fall injuries. Depending on the magnitude of the cracks, they can either be repaired or replaced.


2. Major or Minor Chipping

Both major and minor chipping/spalling make a sidewalk dangerous. Both require urgent repair. For minor chipping, concrete repair is enough, unlike major chipping, where you need to replace the affected sections.


3. Visible Gaps on Edges

Gaps in sidewalks occur on the expansion joints left by the contractor during the installation of concrete. Over time, these gaps start widening, thus becoming unsafe for people who walk through. These gaps need asphaltic filler material or polyurethane foam concrete crack repair.


4. Sinking Sections

Having subsided sections on a sidewalk is very risky and can easily lead to fall accidents that may cause injuries or disabilities. All sinking sections should be replaced.


5. Displaced Sections Due to Growing Tree Roots

When roots from huge trees grow under sidewalks, they start displacing some sections of the sidewalks. These displaced sections can pose a threat to people, especially where they become slanted. A sidewalk with some sloppy sections increases the risk for slip and fall accidents. You need to contact a tree surgeon to trim the tree roots to solve this problem. After this, a professional contractor can then repair the affected sections.

In conclusion, these are some top things that make sidewalks dangerous. Professional concrete contractors should do all sidewalk repairs since they understand installation, repair, and replacement processes.