What is the Cost of Foam Concrete Raising?

Foam concrete raising is an excellent alternative solution to mudjacking. Today, most people consider concrete foam repair instead of replacement to cut costs and save time. People have shifted from traditional mudjacking to repairing concrete because it doesn’t last long. There are also higher chances of lifting again from time to time, especially when weather elements are severe.

foam repair to fix concrete crack

How Much Does Foam Concrete Raising Cost?

People consider polyurethane foam concrete repair because it’s cost-effective. Recent surveys show that foam concrete raising can save up to 80% of the total costs of concrete replacement. The average cost of this service will vary depending on the affected area and the size and scope of the concrete project. For instance, driveway leveling will cost approximately $1,800-$2,400. Additional concrete repair pricing examples would be patios costing roughly $1,250-$1,500, Walkways between  $1,250-$1,500. 

The minimum price for our concrete leveling services is $1,250, but this is subject to change from time-to-time.

Generally, the cost of foam concrete raising will vary depending on some factors as follows:


a. Size of the Slab

The size of the slab will generally depend on the cost of raising concrete. Regardless of the job size, you’ll need to incur some fixed costs, including set-up and travel expenses. This means that if you’ve got a larger project, you’ll get value for money per square foot, unlike if you’d a smaller project.


b. Location

The distance from a contractor to your premises will also affect the cost. If you get a nearby contractor, be sure to pay less and vice versa.


c. Job Difficulty

The intensity of work required during the foam repair will also affect the amount you pay to the contractor. For instance, if your slab has many hard-to-reach cracks, it means the contractor will spend a lot of time filling the cracks. This will further translate to increased costs.


d. Rate Used by the Contractor For Foam Concrete Raising 

Different contractors use different rates during the job, i.e., hourly rate, per square feet, or a consolidated amount for the whole job.


In conclusion, these factors will determine the cost of foam concrete raising. It’s essential to consider various aspects such as material, warranty, overage fees, and joint/crack repairs when comparing concrete raising quotes from different contractors.

5 Benefits of Spray Foam Concrete Leveling

Even crack with spray foam concrete repair

Both residential and commercial premises have to use either polyurethane foam or mudjacking to raise concrete that’s sinking, unlevel, or sagging. Generally, when concrete surfaces become old, they develop voids which make the supporting soil unstable. This further leads to concrete sagging, cracking, and crumbling, especially in areas with high traffic. A professional contractor will fill these spaces using spray foam to solve this problem. 


Most people consider spray foam concrete leveling due to its numerous benefits, as explained below:

1. Cost-effective

Spray foam concrete leveling is cost-effective compared to replacing the entire concrete slabs. Instead of replacing concrete on your sidewalks, patios, pools, driveways, slabs, or basement floors, consider this method for concrete leveling. On average, replacing concrete will cost you about $6/Sq ft plus other extra costs involved in labor, it will help you save on these costs and is much easier.


2. Spray Foam Quick Process

If you decide to replace your entire concrete, you’ll need days or even weeks, depending on the size, to be replaced. However, if you consider foam concrete leveling, you’ll only need hours or one day. This means you can start using the area in the shortest time possible.


3. Improves Structural Stability

Most people don’t know that polyurethane foam improves structural stability without overloading soil in the affected area. Professional contractors use a process called polyjacking to level the affected areas. The contractors use an engineered foam called polypier that doesn’t give the affected area more weight. This helps to consolidate and compact soil, thus improving structural stability.


4. Moisture Resistance 

Spray foam concrete leveling is moisture resistant. This means that regardless of the wetness experienced in the affected area, the concrete will remain firm without further damage.


5. Spray Foam is an Environmentally Friendly Solution

Polyurethane concrete leveling is an eco-friendly solution. The foam consists of almost 50% recycled and renewable materials, which reduce the environmental impact of its disposal.


In conclusion, these are benefits of spray foam concrete leveling. Polyurethane foam concrete leveling is non-disruptive since it limits costly wear and tear problems.