Polyurethane vs. Mudjacking


Our concrete repair plan includes the controlled lift of individual slabs of concrete to realign and level the slabs. (Concrete Leveling) We achieve a precise result by applying expansive polymer foam just beneath the surface of the slab. This process eliminates the failing condition as well as seals and stabilizes all defective joints and sources of water penetration from further erosion. The variety of soils and substrates across the Front Range are often the root of the problem. Liftech’s concrete repair system treats the soils and addresses the water and erosion issues. The average life cycle of concrete is extended at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Until recently, mudjacking has been the method more commonly used for lifting fallen concrete, and is still a widely acceptable form of restoration. Mudjacking and polyurethane achieve similar results, however, the process by which those results are achieved and the extended performance of the two products are completely different.

Polyurethane Benefits

  • Long Lasting | Polyurethane cures as a solid, impermeable structure which adheres to the concrete and is not susceptible to fracture or failure.
  • Soil Stabilization | Polyurethane is injected as a liquid to raise concrete and reacts within the loosely, non-compacted soils to solidify and stabilize the soils.
  • Less Invasive | Liftech uses controlled injections in penny-size holes to raise your concrete quickly and effectively
  • Lightweight | Polyurethane weighs about two pounds per cubic ft. which is ideal for concrete leveling
  • Fast Acting | Polyurethane cures within minutes and your concrete is ready to use again once we leave the job site.
  • Defend Against Natural Erosion | Our environmentally friendly solution creates a eco-barrier to moisture, harmful chemicals, insects, rodents and soil erosion.


| Answer | Mudjacking uses a mixture of sand and water infused with a small amount of Portland cement, which helps the material solidify.  The sand and water mixture is pumped through 1 – 5\8″ holes in the concrete using hydraulic pressure to lift the sunken concrete.  This concrete mixture is considered a structural fill and is very heavy, weighting an average of 100 – 110 pounds per cubic foot of material.

Benefits of Polyurethane Concrete Raising Vs Mudjacking

| Answer | Polyurethane concrete raising consists of an environmentally safe liquid polymer foam that is injected through penny-size holes in the concrete and into the loose, unstable soil below.  Through a eco-friendly chemical reaction, the high density foam expands to stabilize the loose soils and lift the fallen concrete.  After approximately 15 minutes, the polyurethane material is fully cured and ready to return to service.  the polyurethane only weighs about 2 pounds per cubic foot of material.  Polyurethane foam is an inert, non-toxic, environmentally safe material.  It is impervious to moisture or decay, ensuring that over time, it will not only be environmentally friendly, but your concrete repair will last a lifetime.  Liftech’s polyurethane system utilizes a much smaller, 5/8 inch hole (about the size of a penny).  Following the repair those holes are filled with a chemical grouting that matches the surrounding concrete.

There are other ways to repair concrete, you can learn about them on our services page.




Driveway Repair & Leveling

Driveway repair projects are tricky to handle.  The concrete slabs themselves, are extremely heavy and are not easily leveled, lifted, or repaired.  Driveway leveling normally requires professional help because of the unforeseeable problems that arise.

To illustrate these types of problems, here’s an example of a Driveway repair project we helped with in Carrolton, Texas.

  • Our professional technicians arrived and see the driveway was split into sever-able slabs and each of the slabs had several cracks due to harsh weather and natural vehicle wear over the years.
  • Our technicians then adapted and changed the strategy on the spot to ensure the least amount of drilling to still ensure the concrete would be stabilized and leveled.
  • They began lifting the driveway slabs starting with the beginning of the driveway and slowly moved towards the end.  Each slab was leveled with not only the other slabs but the sidewalk as well.  Each slab equally leveled with the next.
  • After a few hours, the driveway repair project was completed with the lifting completed, leveling done and concrete sealed.

Concrete leveling projects are not easy, but they are a much better option than removing the concrete completely and replacing everything.  That project is so expensive and wastes so much concrete.  Our concrete repair and driveway leveling approach is eco-friendly and saves hundreds of concrete slabs from going to the dump.

Next time you have a sunken driveway that needs to be fixed or an uneven sidewalk or patio, let professionals come in and help keep the project expenses low and ensure that the quality is professional.

There are two methods which are involved in concrete raising: mudjacking and polyurethane foam concrete raising. Polyurethane concrete raising involves injecting foam material under the slab. When small holes are drilled in the sunken concrete and materials pumped underneath the slab, the foam fills the void and raises the slab to the required level. After the void is filled, it is raised then leveled making it more stable than it ever was.



Concrete services

DIY vs Professional Help

There are many different ‘do-it-yourself’ kits for almost all projects around the house that can also be done by professional services… commercial concrete repair is no exception. However, it is commonly known that DIY projects often produce poorer results and sometimes bigger problems than the initial project.   Great results often come from professional work and offer peace of mind that the project is done and good to go. For concrete leveling and repair or any work with cement, there is definitely need for knowledge, because those projects can turn problematic very quickly if a professional isn’t helping.

Truthfully, most of the concrete repair work i.e. uneven sidewalks, sunken driveway, concrete raising, etc need a professional and below are some reasons why you need to hire a professional for your broken and uneven concrete.

Professional concrete contractors save you time.

Learning curves can be steep, really steep.  Concrete projects can take time and are unforgiving if too many mistakes are made.  More often than not, projects require tools, supplies and other necessities that are only known if you’ve done the project before.  Concrete repair jobs can often lead to complete replacements when the finished job isn’t satisfactory. The time wasted trying to save money immediately is voided because a replacement has to be made.  Which will end up wasting more time and money.

The repair will be more durable

Another reason why you should consider hiring a professional concrete contractor to repair your broken and uneven concrete is the factor of durability.  The job will be done and it will be done correctly. No worry if the amateur attempt will hold or survive the harsh weather conditions it could encounter.

Saves you money.

If you decide to take on the project yourself, you will undoubtedly need to buy multiple tools because there aren’t many places that offer tools to be rented.  Costs can quickly become out-of-hand when the wrong tools are purchased of the job becomes harder than you think. When you hire a professional contractor they will come with their own tools and pieces of machinery; sometimes your work is done at a cheaper and more affordable cost.

They have more experience.

The saying goes, “you can’t put a price on experience”… in the concrete industry, you can.  Hiring a professional concrete contractor to repair your broken and uneven concrete is the best solution, this is because the contractor is quite experienced and learned their trade from other professionals.


Whenever you performing concrete leveling, you are looking for a permanent solution that will leave your home or project looking better than new.   Relying on oneself, is always risky because of the unforeseen obstacles that come up. Pay for the reliability and pay for the peace of mind that the concrete repair will hold up and be stable.


We live in a world where time is more and more valuable, we don’t like waiting, and we don’t like it when our plans fall through.  A professional contractor will be efficient in their repair of the concrete, correctly keep to an arranged time. Efficiency, also leads to less of an inconvenience.  Often these projects can cause you to park in inconvenient places are not be able to walk where you want to. Concrete is often taking for granted and when it’s not available, we are not too happy.  It’s important to have an efficient plan so your daily routine can go back to normal.

With the many above mentioned advantages of hiring a professional concrete contractor, there is no good reason why you should go ahead and try to repair your broken and uneven concrete by yourself.