– Mark Harris

“Made a bad situation in my shop much better. The crew was excellent and made the job seem almost easy. Overall very pleased with the job and the guys. Thanks Foamworks! I’m a happy customer”

– Dean Griffith

“FoamWorksPro did an amazing job. My driveway was sunk down 4+ inches and looked terrible. My truck would get stuck on a slow roll down the driveway. They came out and the two guys got to it quickly and let me watch. It is an amazing product/process. You can see the before and after pictures. Really something to see. I was going to pour a whole new driveway. They saved me Thousand$$$$$. I had another quote that was hundreds more for the same thing. If you don’t use them, you are wasting money.

Update: 12/10/18. Almost a year later after their work, the slab sunk about and inch and I figured there would be a little settling. They came out and releveled it under warranty and it looks perfect. They even added some more self leveling sealant in the expansion joints.

Once again, if you don’t use FoamWorks… you really will waste money.”

– Barb Wilson

“Kim Palmer and his son did work at our house and were so good to work with. He explained things where I knew just what he was doing. He assured me if we had any problems that his work was under warranty and I could just call him. So far our experience with him has been great. We would use him again.”

– Julie Ann Belk

“Their availability is timely and their workmanship accomplishes a stabilization for concrete surfaces that turns back time.”

– Michael Cisco

“Great crew. Went beyond to explain exactly what they were going to do and what the results would be. It came out perfect.”

– Pamela Moore

“They did a great job on my driveway, very quick and reasonable!”

– Shannon Jordan

“Finally an affordable way to fix my cracked driveway!!”

– Chuck Boles

“A Very professional company , they are the Best at all they do !!! A Great bunch of people.”

– Charles Malchev

“Have never seen such perfect aligning”

– Shera Darby

“Very pleased!”

– James Reust

“A great experience made possible by your crew.”

– David Toms

“Great work! My sidewalks are level again.”

– Linda & Rusell Lindsey

“Very polite crew!”

– Victor Marroquin

“Job was done quickly”

– George Marquise

“Everything seems fine!”

– Gordon D.

“Excellent service. Raised our back patio which had sunk over the past few years. Courteous and professional. Definitely recommend.”

– Jim Bortzfield

“These guys showed up on time, did a great job. I highly recommend.”


Here are some important reasons to raise your concrete:

  • Safety: Trip hazards can harm you or your family and allow your property to be open for unwanted liability.
  • Cost: You can raise your concrete for less than half the price of replacing it.
  • Time: Your concrete problem will only worsen in time, so fix it now and avoid the hassle later.
  • Appearance: Unlevel concrete can result in eyesores and structural cracks.
  • Home Value: Trying to sell your home? First appearance is everything to a homebuyer.
  • Structural Damage: When concrete settles, consequently doors and windows stick and structures connected to the slab may crack and settle as well.
  • Water Damage: Water flows the path of least resistance and a settled or sunken driveway may end up costing a homeowner more money over time in foundation repairs.
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