Our story. Foamworks offers quality concrete repair solutions that spare you from the hassle and cost of concrete removal and replacement. We believe in leaving a clean foot print and use eco-friendly materials in our polyurethane foam. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a massive parking structure or a small home walkway in need of repairs. We’re here to help.

Our concrete leveling solutions make it possible for you to get years of use out of your existing surfaces without having to pay the cost of replacement.



We understand how important concrete repair can be, whether it’s a driveway, an industrial parking lot, a garage floor, or a pool deck. That’s why with our story, we provide only the highest quality concrete repair.

kim Palmer

Kim Palmer


Kim has a lengthy list of experiences that lends itself to the overall value of PJM Construction as a whole. His construction experience includes running a large commercial company in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, where he build car dealerships, subdivisions, trade centers, and commercial office buildings. After building log homes and office buildings in the mountains for a few years, he was recruited to manage and own a large cable TV company in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. He got back into construction after several years, and as president of PJM Construction/FoamWorks, Kim enjoys completing all aspects of a job from concrete,to roof, to everything in between to provide full service turnkey operations for PJM Customers.


John Meager


John has worked in real estate since 2003, when he founded two companies: Home and Business Financial, which manages rental properties, income tax, and capital raises for the purchase of real estate; and FinancialHero.com, a full-service real estate company that specializes in house-flipping and short sales. In 2016, he co-founded PJM Construction and FoamWorks along with Kim Palmer and Scott Jones as the internal construction services division for the Financial Hero portfolio of companies. PJM now offers full-service renovation, new build, construction planning, and construction budget management services, and polyurethane concrete lifting and leveling in the Dallas-Fort Worth areas.


Scott Jones

General Manager

Scott believed in giving back to the community and has worked tirelessly to help the needy.


John Upchurch

Project Manager

John’s vision is to transform the construction experience by providing a smarter option when it comes to concrete leveling.


We are located in Garland, Texas. Our local concrete repair and servicing professionals are currently limited to the residents of Dallas/Fort worth Texas metropolis and the surrounding areas. We have completed hundreds of projects while embracing customer satisfaction, fairness, integrity, flexibility, and, most importantly, high-quality concrete raising and leveling.

Our professionals are equipped to handle all residential and commercial concrete structures problems with the highest level of quality, and by far, they have developed an excellent reputation by valuing client needs first. Allow us to do it for you with excellence and get many more years of use out of your existing concrete without having to pay the full cost of replacement.

We’re here to help you with whatever concrete raising project. 


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