Are you tired of having to watch where you walk? Do your employees have to swerve around sunken spots in the parking lot just to find a place to park? FoamWorks is here to help. With each concrete lifting project, we use minimally-invasive techniques to raise cement surfaces, such as roadways, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and more. No spray foam concrete lifting job is too big or too small!

As an environmentally-responsible and cost-effective alternative to concrete replacement, our spray foam concrete lifting solutions are ideal for any residential or commercial project. Our spray foam is made from recycled materials that don’t overwhelm unstable soil or fill. By repairing your sunken concrete, you’ll also save on removal and replacement costs. Restore the safety and appeal of your cement surface’s level with concrete lifting solutions from FoamWorks.


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Have A Few More Questions?

The safety thickness for concrete for a lift should be four inches minimum.

The best foam to lift concrete is polyurethane. It is composed of a mixture of chemicals that react aggressively for expansion in the space it is injected into.

No, spray foam can not raise concrete at the required level as it doesn’t react aggressively. Therefore its pressure is not enough for lifting concrete slabs.

Concrete lifting lasts depending on the method used, for example, polyurethane foam lifting lasts for more than 1000 years, and mud jacking may last for five to seven years.

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