Essentially, we can raise any form of concrete slab.

Solid slabs of concrete can be raised and stabilized. Polyurethane concrete raising uses a foam material that is injected under the slab. When the components of this material are mixed, a reaction causes the material to expand. The expanded foam fills in any voids beneath the slab and raises the sunken concrete. The material we provide never loses its density, it is permanent, and weighs only about 2 pounds per cubic foot.

  • Residential: Driveways, sidewalks, interior floor slabs, porches and stoops, pool decks, patios, and foundations.
  • Commercial: Factory floors, apartment complexes, ship yards, parking lots, and restaurants.
  • Municipal and D.O.T.: Roads, streets, highways, bridge approaches, curbs, gutters, airport highways and sidewalk projects.


Here are some important reasons to raise your concrete:

  • Safety: Trip hazards can harm you or your family and allow your property to be open for unwanted liability.
  • Cost: You can raise your concrete for less than half the price of replacing it.
  • Time: Your concrete problem will only worsen in time, so fix it now and avoid the hassle later.
  • Appearance: Unlevel concrete can result in eyesores and structural cracks.
  • Home Value: Trying to sell your home? First appearance is everything to a homebuyer.
  • Structural Damage: When concrete settles, consequently doors and windows stick and structures connected to the slab may crack and settle as well.
  • Water Damage: Water flows the path of least resistance and a settled or sunken driveway may end up costing a homeowner more money over time in foundation repairs.


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