Deep Foamjection Services

Deep FoamJection is the process of creating man-made root systems with foam by installing foam through pipes into the subgrade. Deep Foamjection injects foam into failed soils, following voids and fissures and displacing water. The process is designed to improve soil strength, stabilize blind soil, fill voids, install “curtains”, and lift slabs, roadways, and slab on grade foundations.

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Injection Foam To Strengthen Weak Soils

Soils weaken over time from excessive wear, extra water, and a number of other causes. Concrete that is supported by this soil needs extra support and reliable stabilization in order to not sink or become uneven. There are a number of ways to repair concrete, but Deep Foamjection is a very good service to add to any concrete leveling job you decide to do. It is important that this process is done by professionals which you can read more about here.

Deep Foamjection reinforces these load bearing cement walls or elevates concrete slabs by injecting foam deep into the soil roots and forming a very strong support that will last for years.

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Save Money

If weak soils continue to lose stability, they can end up costing you A LOT of money and extensive damage.

Let us take a look at your uneven or unsupported concrete for a free assessment!

Our foam injections are eco-friendly and do not have any chemicals escape into the surrounding soil. The deep foamjection will not absorb water or become brittle and break over time.

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