If you notice your concrete is slowly sinking around your property, it’s time you consider polyjacking. It’s a much more affordable and time-efficient solution compared to concrete
replacement. FoamWorks has leveled sidewalks, driveways, patios, pool decks, garages, steps, and parking lots on both residential and commercial properties all over the DFW Metroplex.

So How Does It Work?

1. Drill holes in the affected area.
2. Place ports in the holes.
3. Place the gun on the port.
4. Pump foam as needed until the slab is level.
5. Grout using a color that matches the concrete.

Our technique is minimally invasive in order to save time and maintain the property integrity. We pump the foam in as a liquid and it quickly reacts and expands. Because the foam instantly solidifies, you can walk or drive on it immediately after the job is complete. 

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Essentially, we can raise any form of concrete slab.



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