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Quality Parking Garage Services

When making any property like a parking garage, quality should always be a priority. The better the quality, the longer it will last. However, this does not guarantee a property useless once it has developed potholes. Commercial repair gives your property a pretty new look. This is why you should keep reading to get the solution to your old parking garage.

Parking garages are often overlooked because of their innate ability to seem industructuable and ancient. These pose a burden for a unique set of repair problems. The expansion of joints due to heavy loads, weather extremities and water damage all are issues causing the structure to result in some form of damage. Stabilizing both ramps and concrete desks are a main concern as well as waterproofing the existing structure. FoamWorks offers an array of maintenance and repair for these types of concrete parking structures. Let us help with the upkeep to avoid any future costly replacement jobs.

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Concrete Repair Services

We offer many concrete repair services. We are flexible to do your home property repair, especially for the property that experiences high pressure like your garage. Are you offering garage parking services, and you need some repair? We are the best company to contract. We offer free consultations to see the amount of work that is necessary to make the parking garage sound and safe again. So if you are the building manager, be sure to give us a call today to get started.

Even for the correctly built garages, at times, the repair is inevitable. Repair, in most cases, is more recommendable than replacement. Coming up with a new property might cost you a lot of money that is not necessary to a building structure that still has years of life left in it. Before thinking of starting up a new property, it is wise to check out the cost of repair, which in most cases, will be lower but still give you a perfect outcome. Professionals, once your structure is repaired, keep a close eye on it for issues to be solved sooner rather than later.

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Our Operation Sites

We are currently located in Garland, so we will gladly offer services to customers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, and other surrounding nearby areas. If you carry out your parking garage business in these areas, we are the best company for the job.

Having a parking garage needs assurance that you can offer the services for a long time before you repair it. This explains why you should never let a permanent repair opportunity bypass you. You don’t need to limit the car weight as it can limit the number of clients you are serving. Remember, you can only attract clients when they are sure of the safety of their cars.

Commercial Concrete Repair
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FoamWorks Cares

We have a proven successful track record with our clients who say they are pleased with their outcomes and have referred many others because of that. We care not only about our clients’ happiness with the project, but with the environment too. Dumping thousands of pounds of concrete structure into local landfills doesn’t appeal to us. Instead, we take a sustainable approach to maintain the structure’s ability to withstand pressure and weight while making sure we’re using eco-friendly products that don’t harm surrounding dirt and surfaces nearby.

Contact us today to get started on that daunting task of a parking garage repair. Rest-assured we’ll complete the repair quickly and efficiently to get you back up and running in no time at all. Get a free quote and let us handle the rest for you.

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Here's what our satisfied customers had to say about our services:

They Turn Back Time

“Their availability is timely and their workmanship accomplishes a stabilization for concrete surfaces that turns back time.”

Julie B

One Year Later

“It has been a year since you guys came out my sidewalk still looks good and has not moved. I am glad I called FoamWorks. Thanks!”

Darrell | September, 2019

Friendly and Professional

“Very friendly and professional!!! I would recommend to anyone needing this type of work done !!!!

Satisfied Customer | March 2019

Amazing Work

“Great company will do amazing work for your concrete”

Johnny W

Affordable and Effective

“Finally an affordable way to fix my cracked driveway!!”

Shannon J


Use code "FOAM10" to receive a special offer!