We understand how important your pool is to you and your family, especially during the lengthy summer months. We also know how frustrating, unappealing, and potentially dangerous an uneven or sunken pool deck can be. That’s why we provide professional concrete pool deck lifting and leveling solutions to clients in the Dallas, Texas, area.

Whether you’ve got a small or Olympic-sized pool, we’re here to help. No job is too big or too small. Our years of experience have enabled us to perfect our procedure: we drill a small hole into the existing concrete and inject premium HMI polyurethane foam until the surface raises back to its original state. Concrete pool deck lifting and leveling has never been so easy.


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You can lift concrete sidewalk slabs in three ways depending on repair demands, budget, and available equipment. Leveling with a pump, lifting with a jack, or seeking professional help if you can do it alone.

You can level concrete sidewalks using a concrete repair method known as slab jacking. The technique uses restorative technology to level a sunken concrete slab. 

To lift an uneven sidewalk, you can use a sand and cement mixture to coat the sunken surface or use a process called mud jacking to raise the sunken area. 


When a concrete sidewalk starts to sink, it might mean there is poor support from below. If the concrete was accidentally damaged or the dirt below is wet, you can repair this with foam. Foam will lift the concrete to the required level. To lift, you will need to locate the dips, drill a hole through the concrete, and put the foam into it. Once you’ve applied, the foam will expand and become hardened to fill the space in the ground while leveling the sidewalk. 


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