4 Reasons My Concrete Should Be Lifted


Cracked sidewalk in need of concrete repair

Although concrete is a durable material used widely for building, it can sometimes experience shifts or cracks, especially when subjected to certain conditions. When damages occur concrete repair is often the solution. Instead of replacing concrete, you can consider lifting it whenever you see visible cracks, puddles, sinking slabs, and uneven concrete. Below are 4 top reasons your concrete should be lifted:


1. Reduce the risk of injury

If you’re a property owner, you’re responsible for keeping your tenants or clients safe at all times. Having a damaged or uneven slab increases the risk of slip and fall injuries. Therefore, you need concrete repair near me. Getting injury due to an uneven or damaged slab will bring unwanted liabilities to the family.


2. Easy and lasting solution

When your slab has some problems, there are increased chances of worsening in the near future. Therefore, it’s essential to lift your concrete slab immediately and prevent future hassles. If you use polyurethane foam, it’ll take a few hours to complete. Additionally, slabjacking is also less noisy and cleaner compared to removal and replacement.


3. Reduce the risk of water damage

A damaged, uneven or sunken concrete will cause water damage in your home. Concrete lifting can possibly reduce this risk, making you spend less money in various aspects, including foundation repair.


4. Less costly

Concrete lifting is typically less expensive compared to replacement. On average, the cost of slabjacking ranges between $500-$1,200. The cost varies based on the project size. On the other hand, if you decide to replace your entire concrete slab, you might spend twice or thrice on this cost. Again, if you replace the concrete slab, you will likely get cracks shortly.


In conclusion, these are the top reasons your concrete should be lifted. If you’ve decided to sell your property, you can also consider lifting concrete, as this will increase your home market value. Concrete repair Dallas, Texas should only be left to a professional contractor with the necessary skills and knowledge in handling the task.

weed growing through crack in concrete

What Makes a Sidewalk Dangerous?

Most people don’t see the danger posed by sidewalks, especially if they’re damaged. Sidewalks require maintenance from time to time to prevent possible accidents. Some of these maintenance practices include polyurethane concrete repair, re-paving, trimming tree roots, and joint installation. Below are some top things that make a sidewalk dangerous:


1. Multiple Cracks

The presence of multiple cracks in the sidewalks can be dangerous. Severe damage causes a reduction in walkability. Multiple cracks can easily cause slip and fall injuries. Depending on the magnitude of the cracks, they can either be repaired or replaced.


2. Major or Minor Chipping

Both major and minor chipping/spalling make a sidewalk dangerous. Both require urgent repair. For minor chipping, concrete repair is enough, unlike major chipping, where you need to replace the affected sections.


3. Visible Gaps on Edges

Gaps in sidewalks occur on the expansion joints left by the contractor during the installation of concrete. Over time, these gaps start widening, thus becoming unsafe for people who walk through. These gaps need asphaltic filler material or polyurethane foam concrete crack repair.


4. Sinking Sections

Having subsided sections on a sidewalk is very risky and can easily lead to fall accidents that may cause injuries or disabilities. All sinking sections should be replaced.


5. Displaced Sections Due to Growing Tree Roots

When roots from huge trees grow under sidewalks, they start displacing some sections of the sidewalks. These displaced sections can pose a threat to people, especially where they become slanted. A sidewalk with some sloppy sections increases the risk for slip and fall accidents. You need to contact a tree surgeon to trim the tree roots to solve this problem. After this, a professional contractor can then repair the affected sections.

In conclusion, these are some top things that make sidewalks dangerous. Professional concrete contractors should do all sidewalk repairs since they understand installation, repair, and replacement processes.