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Proof That Deep Foamjection Really Works

Many people are looking for a fast and effective way to get the job done when it comes to repairs and construction. Deep foamjection is a newer technology that promises to do just that. This process involves injecting a foaming agent into the cracks and voids of a structure, which then expands and forms a strong bond with the surrounding material. At the same time, this may sound too good to be true, with plenty of examples of deep foamjection being used successfully in various applications. In this post, we will see proof that deep foamjection works.

Below are some examples of deep foamjection has been used in the real world:

1. Concrete Crack Repair

Deep foamjection can be used to repair cracks in concrete structures effectively. The injected foam expands and fills the void, creating a watertight seal that prevents further damage. It is mostly used to repair cracks in foundations, walls, and floors.


2. Basement Waterproofing

Deep foamjection can also be used for basement waterproofing. That is a great option if you have a basement that is constantly wet or has water seepage. To do this, we inject foam into the cracks of your basement walls. That will fill up the cracks and stop water from seeping through. Many people who have used this method have found that their basement stays dry and free of water.


3. Soil Erosion

Deep foamjection has been shown to reduce soil erosion. That is a huge benefit, as it can help keep topsoil in place and protect against losing valuable nutrients. That is achieved by the deep foamjection process creating a seal at the injection point that helps to bind the soil together. People using this method to reduce soil erosion have seen amazing results.


4. Pipe Lining

Deep foamjection can also be used for pipelining. That is a trenchless method of repairing damaged or leaking pipes without digging them up. A liner is inserted into the pipe and inflated, which fills the space and seals any cracks or leaks. That can be done without disrupting the surrounding area and is much less expensive than replacing the entire pipe.


5. Foundation Repair

Deep foamjection can also be used to repair foundations. That is often necessary when the foundation has been damaged by water, soil erosion, or other factors. The process involves injecting a foaming agent into the damaged area and then using a pneumatic or hydraulic pump to apply pressure to the foam. This process fills the voids and cracks in the foundation, providing a solid base for the repair.


6. Sewer and Septic Tank Repair

Deep foamjection can also be used to repair sewer and septic tanks. The process is the same as that used to repair pipes – a hole is drilled into the tank, and the foam is injected. The foam expands and fills the hole, sealing it completely. That method is often used to repair cracks in septic tanks. The foam prevents further cracking and leakage and also stops odors from escaping.



Deep foamjection is a new technology with a lot of potential. It has been used successfully in various applications, including concrete crack repair, basement waterproofing, soil erosion, pipe lining, foundation repair, and sewer and septic tank repair. If you need a fast, effective, and affordable repair solution, deep foamjection may be the right choice for you.

What is the Cost of Foam Concrete Raising?

Foam concrete raising is an excellent alternative solution to mudjacking. Today, most people consider concrete foam repair instead of replacement to cut costs and save time. People have shifted from traditional mudjacking to repairing concrete because it doesn’t last long. There are also higher chances of lifting again from time to time, especially when weather elements are severe.

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How Much Does Foam Concrete Raising Cost?

People consider polyurethane foam concrete repair because it’s cost-effective. Recent surveys show that foam concrete raising can save up to 80% of the total costs of concrete replacement. The average cost of this service will vary depending on the affected area and the size and scope of the concrete project. For instance, driveway leveling will cost approximately $1,800-$2,400. Additional concrete repair pricing examples would be patios costing roughly $1,250-$1,500, Walkways between  $1,250-$1,500. 

The minimum price for our concrete leveling services is $1,250, but this is subject to change from time-to-time.

Generally, the cost of foam concrete raising will vary depending on some factors as follows:


a. Size of the Slab

The size of the slab will generally depend on the cost of raising concrete. Regardless of the job size, you’ll need to incur some fixed costs, including set-up and travel expenses. This means that if you’ve got a larger project, you’ll get value for money per square foot, unlike if you’d a smaller project.


b. Location

The distance from a contractor to your premises will also affect the cost. If you get a nearby contractor, be sure to pay less and vice versa.


c. Job Difficulty

The intensity of work required during the foam repair will also affect the amount you pay to the contractor. For instance, if your slab has many hard-to-reach cracks, it means the contractor will spend a lot of time filling the cracks. This will further translate to increased costs.


d. Rate Used by the Contractor For Foam Concrete Raising 

Different contractors use different rates during the job, i.e., hourly rate, per square feet, or a consolidated amount for the whole job.


In conclusion, these factors will determine the cost of foam concrete raising. It’s essential to consider various aspects such as material, warranty, overage fees, and joint/crack repairs when comparing concrete raising quotes from different contractors.

5 Benefits of Spray Foam Concrete Leveling

Even crack with spray foam concrete repair

Both residential and commercial premises have to use either polyurethane foam or mudjacking to raise concrete that’s sinking, unlevel, or sagging. Generally, when concrete surfaces become old, they develop voids which make the supporting soil unstable. This further leads to concrete sagging, cracking, and crumbling, especially in areas with high traffic. A professional contractor will fill these spaces using spray foam to solve this problem. 


Most people consider spray foam concrete leveling due to its numerous benefits, as explained below:

1. Cost-effective

Spray foam concrete leveling is cost-effective compared to replacing the entire concrete slabs. Instead of replacing concrete on your sidewalks, patios, pools, driveways, slabs, or basement floors, consider this method for concrete leveling. On average, replacing concrete will cost you about $6/Sq ft plus other extra costs involved in labor, it will help you save on these costs and is much easier.


2. Spray Foam Quick Process

If you decide to replace your entire concrete, you’ll need days or even weeks, depending on the size, to be replaced. However, if you consider foam concrete leveling, you’ll only need hours or one day. This means you can start using the area in the shortest time possible.


3. Improves Structural Stability

Most people don’t know that polyurethane foam improves structural stability without overloading soil in the affected area. Professional contractors use a process called polyjacking to level the affected areas. The contractors use an engineered foam called polypier that doesn’t give the affected area more weight. This helps to consolidate and compact soil, thus improving structural stability.


4. Moisture Resistance 

Spray foam concrete leveling is moisture resistant. This means that regardless of the wetness experienced in the affected area, the concrete will remain firm without further damage.


5. Spray Foam is an Environmentally Friendly Solution

Polyurethane concrete leveling is an eco-friendly solution. The foam consists of almost 50% recycled and renewable materials, which reduce the environmental impact of its disposal.


In conclusion, these are benefits of spray foam concrete leveling. Polyurethane foam concrete leveling is non-disruptive since it limits costly wear and tear problems.


drilling to use foam for concrete repair

Concrete Repair With Foam Injections

Concrete is among the widely used flooring substances worldwide. Some of the reasons it is so popular are its versatility and strength. However, regardless of its strength, concrete is prone to shifting and cracking especially when there is a movement underground, or when exposed to immense pressure. If this happens, you should not worry because we can repair it for you using form injection, which is the most recommended method for concrete repair.


How is Foam Injection Used to Repair Concrete Floors?

Professional technicians pump foam underneath concrete using small, penny-sized holes. The foam takes as little as fifteen minutes to expand and solidify, lifting back the concrete to its original height. The foam also provides a more solid base, especially if the soil underneath the concrete is eroded.


Benefits of Using Foam Injections 

Foam injections are not messy- As aforementioned, foam is injected underneath after drilling penny-sized holes in the area that requires leveling. Unlike other repair methods, the spots become less obvious after the repairs are done. The old concrete will also not be broken apart, therefore, no mess will be caused.

Foam injection is not time-consuming- unlike other types of concrete repair methods, the foam injection method will only take a few hours to complete. The areas that have been repaired will also be ready to use almost immediately after the repair. This method can be cheap, especially if the professionals are charging per hour.

Foam injections are eco-friendly- With foam injections, you don’t have to worry about the environment because the injections are made of recycled materials and do not release dangerous chemicals into the soil.

When it comes to foam injections for concrete repair, working with professional technicians like FoamWorks is advisable. Our team of professionals is highly trained and experienced, meaning that you will get high-quality services the first time. We also respond to your call fast and work according to your schedule. We also charge reasonable fees without compromising on the quality of the services. Contact us today, and we shall restore your concrete to its original state or even leave it better.

4 Reasons My Concrete Should Be Lifted


Cracked sidewalk in need of concrete repair

Although concrete is a durable material used widely for building, it can sometimes experience shifts or cracks, especially when subjected to certain conditions. When damages occur concrete repair is often the solution. Instead of replacing concrete, you can consider lifting it whenever you see visible cracks, puddles, sinking slabs, and uneven concrete. Below are 4 top reasons your concrete should be lifted:


1. Reduce the risk of injury

If you’re a property owner, you’re responsible for keeping your tenants or clients safe at all times. Having a damaged or uneven slab increases the risk of slip and fall injuries. Therefore, you need concrete repair near me. Getting injury due to an uneven or damaged slab will bring unwanted liabilities to the family.


2. Easy and lasting solution

When your slab has some problems, there are increased chances of worsening in the near future. Therefore, it’s essential to lift your concrete slab immediately and prevent future hassles. If you use polyurethane foam, it’ll take a few hours to complete. Additionally, slabjacking is also less noisy and cleaner compared to removal and replacement.


3. Reduce the risk of water damage

A damaged, uneven or sunken concrete will cause water damage in your home. Concrete lifting can possibly reduce this risk, making you spend less money in various aspects, including foundation repair.


4. Less costly

Concrete lifting is typically less expensive compared to replacement. On average, the cost of slabjacking ranges between $500-$1,200. The cost varies based on the project size. On the other hand, if you decide to replace your entire concrete slab, you might spend twice or thrice on this cost. Again, if you replace the concrete slab, you will likely get cracks shortly.


In conclusion, these are the top reasons your concrete should be lifted. If you’ve decided to sell your property, you can also consider lifting concrete, as this will increase your home market value. Concrete repair Dallas, Texas should only be left to a professional contractor with the necessary skills and knowledge in handling the task.

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Tips to Maintain Your Concrete

There is nothing eternal, each building structure deforms over time as a result of mechanical influences and the influence of the natural environment. Concrete is a durable building material that is made on the basis of cement and is also susceptible to destruction. Therefore, many private developers are interested in what to do if concrete crumbles and how to maintain concrete.


The Main Causes of Destruction

The main factors of deformation of concrete structures:


  1.   Moisture that gets into the voids of the building material. Every person from school physics lessons knows that water can take 3 states: steam, liquid, ice. After freezing, water crystallizes and expands. Accordingly, water trapped in the voids of the structure expands in winter and destroys it.


  1.   Sharp changes in ambient temperatures.


  1.   If in the process of pouring a poor-quality building mixture was used, the composition of which did not comply with building codes.


  1.   For the mobility of the cement slurry in the process of its manufacture, additional water was added, and no special additives were used.


  1.   Structures at the stage of hardening and curing of the solution are not provided with proper care. In order for the solution to acquire the required level of strength, it must set gradually over several days. To do this, in hot weather, the flooded foundation is sprayed with water and covered with a film, in winter it is heated with special devices (mats, electric cables).


How to Maintain Concrete and Prevent it From Crumbling  

Recommendations of concrete repair contractor Rockwall Tx for maintaining concrete and for the prevention of crumbling of concrete structures:


  1.   When preparing the building mixture on your own, it is necessary to additionally use water-repellent additives. To ensure the homogeneity of the mixture, increase the strength, it is necessary to add plasticizers.


  1.   It is recommended to treat the already poured foundation with a hydrophobic compound.


  1.   If the concrete structure is constantly exposed to moisture, it must be impregnated with a water-repellent agent under high pressure. To do this, you need to use special equipment.


The concrete surface must be maintained. It is not recommended to put into operation concrete structures earlier than the set time. The setting period of the cement slurry is 28 days. During this time, concrete is gaining strength characteristics.


Concrete Repair

Don’t Replace Your Concrete… Repair it!

Concrete is one of the best and most preferred building materials which can be used in concrete sidewalks, concrete driveways, stamped concrete, concrete repairs, and concrete flooring demands. One of the reasons why concrete stands out from other building materials is that it is an affordable construction material. Second, it is a durable material that can last for many decades withstanding elements such as wind, water, fire, and vibrations. Third, concrete is a versatile material that can be used from a simple concrete sidewalk to stamped and decorative concrete. Are you in need of commercial concrete repair work for your patio, sidewalk, or driveway? Here are a variety of concrete services that you can consider for your residential and commercial concrete works.

Commercial Concrete Leveling

Commercial concrete leveling is preferred for leveling and stabilizing uneven concrete slabs such as driveways, sidewalks, warehouse floors, and roadways. In addition, commercial concrete leveling can be used in applications such as erosion control and void filling, railroad and airport runway repairs, and leveling uneven bridge approaches and roads. Concrete leveling systems are usually designed to function under severe conditions. The benefit of polyurethane foam system which is used in commercial concrete leveling is that it is lightweight weighing only 4 to 6 pounds after being laid. It is also waterproof meaning that it cannot wash out. If you are looking for an alternative to concrete replacement, re-leveling, and mudjacking then look no further than commercial concrete leveling.

Concrete Raising

Concrete raising refers to the method of raising concrete so that it matches an existing grade, the benefit of which is that it eliminates sunken concrete areas, drainage problems, and trip hazards. There are two methods that are involved in concrete raising: mudjacking and polyurethane foam concrete raising. Polyurethane concrete raising involves injecting foam material under the slab. When small holes are drilled in the sunken concrete and materials pumped underneath the slab, the foam fills the void and raises the slab to the required level. After the void is filled, it is raised then leveled making it more stable than it ever was.

Cement/ Concrete Repair

Concrete repair or cement repair refers to the process of fixing a concrete surface that has been damaged as a result of environmental exposure. Cement repair is ideal for physical impacts, cracks, and surface scaling. During cement repair, the concrete surface will be cleaned to remove grease, dirt, oil, granules, or concrete flakes. Scrub and clean the area to be repaired using a broom and brush. Next use water to flush the area that is supposed to be repaired. After that, use cement repair solutions like vinyl patching compound and mix with water. Finally, trowel the mix into broken areas and cracks, and level the area to fix it.

Commercial Parking Lot Repair

Commercial parking lot repair refers to anything from damage, to the parking lot repair, to cracks and fixing the drainage. Parking lot repair entails sealing cracks that are caused by poor parking lot construction, sun, and water damage. It also entails resealing and resurfacing which extends the lifespan of the concrete.

Despite popular belief, concrete can last and look good for a very long time and can be much more cost-efficient to repair it, rather than replacing it.  Let us help you with your next commercial concrete project.


Don’t Replace Your Concrete… Repair it!
Driveway Repair before and after

Driveway Repair & Leveling

Driveway repair projects are tricky to handle.  The concrete slabs themselves, are extremely heavy and are not easily leveled, lifted, or repaired.  Driveway leveling normally requires professional help because of the unforeseeable problems that arise.

To illustrate these types of problems, here’s an example of a Driveway repair project we helped within Carrolton, Texas.

  • Our professional technicians arrived and see the driveway was split into sever-able slabs and each of the slabs had several cracks due to harsh weather and natural vehicle wear over the years.
  • Our technicians then adapted and changed the strategy on the spot to ensure the least amount of drilling to still ensure the concrete would be stabilized and leveled.
  • They began lifting the driveway slabs starting with the beginning of the driveway and slowly moved towards the end.  Each slab was leveled with not only the other slabs but the sidewalk as well.  Each slab is equally leveled with the next.
  • After a few hours, the driveway repair project was completed with the lifting completed, leveling done and concrete sealed.

Concrete leveling projects are not easy, but they are a much better option than removing the concrete completely and replacing everything.  That project is so expensive and wastes so much concrete.  Our concrete repair and driveway leveling approach is eco-friendly and saves hundreds of concrete slabs from going to the dump.

Next time you have a sunken driveway that needs to be fixed or an uneven sidewalk or patio, let professionals come in and help keep the project expenses low and ensure that the quality is professional.

There are two methods that are involved in concrete raising: mudjacking and polyurethane foam concrete raising. Polyurethane concrete raising involves injecting foam material under the slab. When small holes are drilled in the sunken concrete and materials pumped underneath the slab, the foam fills the void and raises the slab to the required level. After the void is filled, it is raised then leveled making it more stable than it ever was.

Sidewalk Leveling

Sidewalk Leveling | Richardson, TX

  • As soon as the concrete crew arrived at the job they began to cut out the old seal using the saw.

  • They then drilled holes in the areas necessary for the lift while pumping they began sanding where the sikaseal would be placed as a base for it.

  • Once the concrete leveling and lifting were completed, it was sealed.

Over time, sidewalks sink, pull away from parking lots, and break.  The above project illustrates all of these concrete repairs.  Each job requires a survey of the damage and an assessment of the work that needs to be done for lasting results.  Our team then sets to work by getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We are always happy when a job is done well and our clients are happy!

Take a look at the final outcome!

Concrete services

DIY vs Professional Help

There are many different ‘do-it-yourself’ kits for almost all projects around the house that can also be done by professional services… commercial concrete repair is no exception. However, it is commonly known that DIY projects often produce poorer results and sometimes bigger problems than the initial project.   Great results often come from professional work and offer peace of mind that the project is done and good to go. For concrete leveling and repair or any work with cement, there is definitely a need for knowledge, because those projects can turn problematic very quickly if a professional isn’t helping.

Truthfully, most of the concrete repair work i.e. uneven sidewalks, sunken driveway, concrete raising, etc need a professional, and below are some reasons why you need to hire a professional for your broken and uneven concrete.

Professional concrete contractors save you time.

Learning curves can be steep, really steep.  Concrete projects can take time and are unforgiving if too many mistakes are made.  More often than not, projects require tools, supplies, and other necessities that are only known if you’ve done the project before.  Concrete repair jobs can often lead to complete replacements when the finished job isn’t satisfactory. The time wasted trying to save money immediately is voided because a replacement has to be made.  Which will end up wasting more time and money.

The repair will be more durable

Another reason why you should consider hiring a professional concrete contractor to repair your broken and uneven concrete is the factor of durability.  The job will be done and it will be done correctly. No worry if the amateur attempt will hold or survive the harsh weather conditions it could encounter.

Saves you money.

If you decide to take on the project yourself, you will undoubtedly need to buy multiple tools because there aren’t many places that offer tools to be rented.  Costs can quickly become out-of-hand when the wrong tools are purchased of the job becomes harder than you think. When you hire a professional contractor they will come with their own tools and pieces of machinery; sometimes your work is done at a cheaper and more affordable cost.

Professional concrete contractors have more experience.

The saying goes, “you can’t put a price on experience”… in the concrete industry, you can.  Hiring a professional concrete contractor to repair your broken and uneven concrete is the best solution, this is because the contractor is quite experienced and learned their trade from other professionals.


Whenever you perform concrete leveling, you are looking for a permanent solution that will leave your home or project looking better than new.   Relying on oneself is always risky because of the unforeseen obstacles that come up. Pay for the reliability and pay for the peace of mind that the concrete repair will hold up and be stable.


We live in a world where time is more and more valuable, we don’t like waiting, and we don’t like it when our plans fall through.  A professional contractor will be efficient in their repair of the concrete, correctly keep to an arranged time. Efficiency also leads to less inconvenience.  Often these projects can cause you to park in inconvenient places are not be able to walk where you want to. Concrete is often taken for granted and when it’s not available, we are not too happy.  It’s important to have an efficient plan so your daily routine can go back to normal.

With the many above-mentioned advantages of hiring a professional concrete contractor, there is no good reason why you should go ahead and try to repair your broken and uneven concrete by yourself.