Leak Repair Services

If water is leaking in your concrete wall, foundation, or property, you want to have it assessed immediately.

Water and moisture can quickly cause problems that amount to much more than most people expect.  Especially in basements or other areas where air is absent. Waiting to do leak repair can weaken the foundational integrity of your concrete and make it difficult to fix.

Let us show you how we can seal a concrete leak.

Foamworks uses a Polyurethane foam that seals off the leaks with our environmentally friendly foam.  Our foam quickly expands into the cracked area of the concrete and creates a barrier that keeps water out.  Once the foam is in place, the concrete will be good as new and you won't have to waste any money on costly replacement projects.

Let Us Show You Why Our Clients Keep Referring Us To Everyone!

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Why Choose Foamworks

"Their availability is timely and their workmanship accomplishes a stabilization for concrete surfaces that turns back time." Julie B.

"Finally an affordable way to fix my cracked driveway!!" Shannon J.  

"great company will do amazing work for your concrete" Johnny W.    

Eco-Friendly Guarantee

Leak Repair | Healthy Environment

At FoamWorks, “green” is more than just a buzzword, it’s an active approach towards creating a more positive impact on the environment and our daily lives.  When we do concrete leak repair in Texas, we use the best quality materials and cutting-edge technology available to ensure the job is done efficiently and effectively.

There are concrete repair companies that use dozens of harmful chemicals and components in their Poly-jacking and compaction and we refuse to use those harmful elements.

Our technique and approach is environmentally sound and won’t become brittle when dried.  We care about our environment and manufacturing our products and materials in the U.S.A.

Don't Replace Your Leaking Concrete… Repair It With Foamworks!

Foamworks Is Dedicated To Helping Keep Our Environment Healthy And Growing!

FoamWorks is always utilizing green practices and have SAVED over 1,000 concrete slabs from landfills by raising concrete versus replacing concrete! Any time concrete is replaced, the bad concrete must be torn out and disposed of in some way… we refuse to let that happen.

Foamworks in Dallas and surrounding areas cares about Texas!

Let Us Show You Why Our Clients Keep Referring Us To Everyone!

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