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Concrete Repair With Foam Injections

Concrete is among the widely used flooring substances worldwide. Some of the reasons it is so popular are its versatility and strength. However, regardless of its strength, concrete is prone to shifting and cracking especially when there is a movement underground, or when exposed to immense pressure. If this happens, you should not worry because we can repair it for you using form injection, which is the most recommended method for concrete repair.


How is Foam Injection Used to Repair Concrete Floors?

Professional technicians pump foam underneath concrete using small, penny-sized holes. The foam takes as little as fifteen minutes to expand and solidify, lifting back the concrete to its original height. The foam also provides a more solid base, especially if the soil underneath the concrete is eroded.


Benefits of Using Foam Injections 

Foam injections are not messy- As aforementioned, foam is injected underneath after drilling penny-sized holes in the area that requires leveling. Unlike other repair methods, the spots become less obvious after the repairs are done. The old concrete will also not be broken apart, therefore, no mess will be caused.

Foam injection is not time-consuming- unlike other types of concrete repair methods, the foam injection method will only take a few hours to complete. The areas that have been repaired will also be ready to use almost immediately after the repair. This method can be cheap, especially if the professionals are charging per hour.

Foam injections are eco-friendly- With foam injections, you don’t have to worry about the environment because the injections are made of recycled materials and do not release dangerous chemicals into the soil.

When it comes to foam injections for concrete repair, working with professional technicians like FoamWorks is advisable. Our team of professionals is highly trained and experienced, meaning that you will get high-quality services the first time. We also respond to your call fast and work according to your schedule. We also charge reasonable fees without compromising on the quality of the services. Contact us today, and we shall restore your concrete to its original state or even leave it better.

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Concrete Repair Slow Set Filler

With time, concrete walkways and sidewalks can sink, thus posing a danger to both children and adults. Typically, the typical solution entails demolishing and repairing the entire slab or sunken sections with new concrete. While this might be a good solution, it is time-consuming and costly. Polyurethane foam injection is a better option because it is cost-effective, less disruptive, and fast. If you are looking for reliable concrete repair in Dallas, Texas, foam injection concrete repair is the best option.

You can hire our concrete repair services at an affordable cost. We use state-of-the-art equipment to inject polyurethane foam mixture under the concrete. It is vital to understand that this mixture is extremely dense & sturdy. Ergo, the foam injection process will ensure the slab is lifted back to its original position in concrete repair. Unlike traditional concrete repair methods, foam injection is less invasive and environmentally friendly.

With foam injection concrete repair, we can raise:

  • Pool decks
  • Garage floors
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Uneven walkways and sidewalks
  • Interior concrete slab foundations


Our construction professionals are highly experienced and skilled in servicing all your concrete leveling and lifting needs. With our top-notch services and commitment to providing quality concrete repair and customer service, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the results.

Advantages of Polyurethane Foam Injection Concrete Repair  

  • Waterproof – after polyurethane is cured, it cannot wash away because it is waterproof. This increases its durability and functionality.
  • Stable & inert – polyurethane does not react with either moisture or soil. Therefore, after concrete repair, polyurethane cannot leach harmful chemicals.
  • Strong but light – while polyurethane weighs approximately 4 lbs/cubic feet, standard fill material weighs 120 lbs/cubic feet! If you are working on weak soils, polyurethane is the best material in foam injection. However, it is crucial to note that polyurethane supports a substantial amount of weight despite its lightweight. In fact, it provides more lifting power compared to mud jacking.
  • Non-invasive – since the foam injection is not bulky, applicators can easily access confined areas. If polyurethane is appropriately injected by a professional/expert, it is not messy or disruptive compared to other slabs/foundation lifting techniques.
  • Adjustable – adjusting the expansive force and density of polyurethane provides numerous geotechnical benefits/uses. The lifting force can be adjusted by carefully tuning the chemical reaction that makes the foam expand. To do it right, a skilled applicator is only required to factor soil characteristics, the weight of the structural element, weather conditions, and the temperature. It is easy to adjust polyurethane foam in concrete repair.
  • Quick curing – if you have limited time, polyurethane concrete repair is ideal due to its swift curing. Imagine, full-loading of the roadway, sidewalk, or roadway can take approximately 15 minutes after foam injection. You can save a lot of time and resources via foam concrete injection.

Do you need concrete repair services in Dallas, Texas? We are here for you. If you are ready to see why foam concrete injection repair is a superior choice when it comes to repairing or lifting sinking concrete in Dallas, Texas, give us a call. You can also visit our website to learn more about our services or meet one of our specialists. Finally, we provide estimates for concrete repair – Dallas, Texas, and surrounding areas. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concrete repair questions.