repair concrete driveway

Repair Sinking Concrete Driveway

Since the recent rain events and storms, it is hardly surprising that the concrete driveway is sinking. When looking to repair concrete driveways we have the answer for you, as concrete can be repaired and will soon be as good as new.

Repairing a Concrete Driveway

Concrete cracking can be caused by various reasons, including tree roots and general subsidence. Before you have your driveway repaired, clean it thoroughly using a pressure washer to remove mold and dirt, and create a clean surface for the company to work with. Purchase a masonry cleaning solution with degreasing agents and add it to the pressure washer reservoir. Once the solution has been applied to the driveway then attach the high-pressure nozzle to wash it off.

Repair Concrete Driveway

When the team comes to repair your driveway, move the car into the street, as once the driveway repair is completed, you won’t be able to drive or walk on it for a while to allow it to harden. Working with concrete is specialized work, and often in driveway work, gravel is combined with concrete to patch larger areas. Any cracks are filled with the mixture, and the damaged spots are smoothed over.

Once the repairs have dried, usually overnight, it is time to apply a thin coat of concrete over the top of the repaired area. Apply the coat and then dampen the concrete down with water to stop it from drying too quickly. Sometimes as the concrete sets run a long-handled broom across the new concrete, to give texture to the finished product. This will stop the concrete from becoming slippery when wet, and if you walk down the driveway to reach the street, the access will be much safer.

Then allow 24 hours of drying time before driving the car on the repairs.

Using Professionals to Repair Concrete

It is better to have professionals fix your driveway, as working with concrete can be tricky. Once your driveway starts to sink, especially on an incline, the problem can escalate quite quickly. If you live in Texas, you are fortunate as you have an experienced team nearby, and once you make contact they will assess the damage and give you a repair quote for the work. Concreting is best carried out when it is not raining as you want good weather for drying, and the team will get the concrete consistency right. If the sides of the driveway are crumbling off, the repair team may have to place some boards along the side prior to the concrete pour. This will give the driveway back its once smooth lines and make it look neater for planting greenery and shrubs to delineate the curve of the drive.


Your driveway is the entrance to your home, and you want it to look nice, and be safe for visitors to walk on. So if you have cracks or crumbling, it is not that hard to repair concrete driveways when you call in the experts.