At FoamWorks, we know how critical prompt repairs to foundational issues are. That’s why we provide expert concrete slab lifting and leveling services to customers in the Dallas, Texas, area. Our years of experience enables us to professionally raise faulty concrete slabs. This ensures peace of mind, as you’ll know that your home or business is once again structurally sound and fully functional.

When leveling concrete slab, we use premium HMI polyurethane foam to raise the sunken slab until it’s even with the rest of the surface. Our procedures are minimally invasive; we don’t tear apart your home and leave you with even more repairs to worry about.

FoamWorks provides absolutely FREE estimates for residential and commercial concrete slab lifting projects.


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Use a jacking pump and raise the concrete slab to about six inches or the level you want for repair. If you can not do it yourself, you can hire professional lifters or jacks.


Before you pour a concrete slab, you need to consider the place of pouring. If not well organized, use a skip loader or backhoe that will help scrape off the available organic materials on the topsoil.

Use a mudjacking technology where you need to drill a hole or several holes on the sunken concrete section (each hole to be 2 inches in diameter). Inject a slurry of cement, sand, and water with much pressure through the drilled holes. In the process, the slurry lifts the concrete as it hardens underneath.

Dig holes sideways of the sunken concrete until the base of the slap is seen. Hold the slap with an eight-inch c-clamp on both ends. Then use a strong metal strut and cross it to reach the clamp; attach the ends of the metal strut and the clamps with a strong chain. Place one on each end of the metal strut using two car jacks. As you lift your car with a jack, pull up the metal strut on both sides with the carjacks simultaneously to the level required or leave space to fill up with slurry.

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