Water Seepage

If you are experiencing water seepage problems, it is best to quickly determine if you have any rupture that could be causing a continuous flow. Once you determine that the water flow is not due to any plumbing issues, FoamWorks can seal the area in which the water is seeping through using hydrophilic foam. We have sealed structures such as garages, elevator shafts, dams, basement walls, driveways, patios, deteriorated manholes, and many more on both commercial and residential properties. It is best to address any seeping water issues in a timely manner as it can quickly begin to ruin the integrity of your property and become a hazard.

The process: FoamWorks injects hydrophilic polyurethane foam into the affected area. The foam quickly reacts with the water, causing it to expand and create a water-tight seal which completely secures the space.

Foamwork repairing an elevator in Frisco, TX

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