Concrete Raising

Drooping concrete steps and sunken pool decks are unappealing and can even decrease the value of your home or building. Our concrete raising solutions enable you to restore your concrete surface’s safety and appeal while improving property value.

At FoamWorks, we use premium-quality and ultra-durable concrete raising foam to gently lift your cement surface. Whether you need help restoring an industrial parking lot, a small driveway, or an entire street, we’re here to help.

Our concrete raising foam is made with the environment in mind. We use polyurethane foam that’s made here in the USA with 39-49% recycled materials. When you level your sunken surface with our concrete raising solutions, you give back to the environment because you extend the life of your concrete rather than replace it. You’ll save money too because, when compared to raising, concrete removal and replacement costs can be extremely expensive.

As an environmentally-responsible and cost-effective alternative to concrete replacement, our spray foam concrete lifting solutions are ideal for any residential or commercial project. Our spray foam is made from recycled materials that don’t overwhelm unstable soil or fill. By repairing your sunken concrete, you’ll also save on removal and replacement costs. Restore the safety and appeal of your cement surface’s level with concrete lifting solutions from FoamWorks.

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