Concrete Lifting

Are you tired of having to watch where you walk? Do your employees have to swerve around sunken spots in the parking lot just to find a place to park? FoamWorks is here to help. With each concrete lifting project, we use minimally-invasive techniques to raise cement surfaces, such as roadways, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and more. No spray foam concrete lifting job is too big or too small!

As an environmentally-responsible and cost-effective alternative to concrete replacement, our spray foam concrete lifting solutions are ideal for any residential or commercial project. Our spray foam is made from recycled materials that don’t overwhelm unstable soil or fill. By repairing your sunken concrete, you’ll also save on removal and replacement costs. Restore the safety and appeal of your cement surface’s level with concrete lifting solutions from FoamWorks.


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Concrete Raising

Drooping concrete steps and sunken pool decks are unappealing and can even decrease the value of your home or building. Our concrete raising solutions enable you to restore your concrete surface’s safety and appeal while improving property value.

At FoamWorks, we use premium-quality and ultra-durable concrete raising foam to gently lift your cement surface. Whether you need help restoring an industrial parking lot, a small driveway, or an entire street, we’re here to help.

Our concrete raising foam is made with the environment in mind. We use polyurethane foam that’s made here in the USA with 39-49% recycled materials. When you level your sunken surface with our concrete raising solutions, you give back to the environment because you extend the life of your concrete rather than replace it. You’ll save money too because, when compared to raising, concrete removal and replacement costs can be extremely expensive.

Concrete Floor Lifting and Leveling

Having a sunken or uneven concrete floor can be unnerving. Whether you’ve owned the building for years or just purchased the home, FoamWorks’ concrete floor leveling solutions can help.

We can restore your garage, basement, or other concrete floor to its original state, bringing safety, beauty, and peace of mind back to you and your home or business.

We use only the highest quality HMI polyurethane foam. Our concrete floor leveling is minimally invasive: we drill small holes into the existing concrete and fill the unstable soil or fill with premium, ultra-durable foam. Your flooring will be back to normal in no time.

Concrete Slab Lifting and Leveling

At FoamWorks, we know how critical prompt repairs to foundational issues are. That’s why we provide expert concrete slab lifting and leveling services to customers in the Dallas, Texas, area. Our years of experience enables us to professionally raise faulty concrete slabs. This ensures peace of mind, as you’ll know that your home or business is once again structurally sound and fully functional.

When leveling concrete slab, we use premium HMI polyurethane foam to raise the sunken slab until it’s even with the rest of the surface. Our procedures are minimally invasive; we don’t tear apart your home and leave you with even more repairs to worry about.

FoamWorks provides absolutely FREE estimates for residential and commercial concrete slab lifting projects.

Concrete Pool Deck Lifting and Leveling

We understand how important your pool is to you and your family, especially during the lengthy summer months. We also know how frustrating, unappealing, and potentially dangerous an uneven or sunken pool deck can be. That’s why we provide professional concrete pool deck lifting and leveling solutions to clients in the Dallas, Texas, area.

Whether you’ve got a small or Olympic-sized pool, we’re here to help. No job is too big or too small. Our years of experience have enabled us to perfect our procedure: we drill a small hole into the existing concrete and inject premium HMI polyurethane foam until the surface raises back to its original state. Concrete pool deck lifting and leveling has never been so easy.

Concrete Sidewalk Lifting and Leveling

We know that uneven or sunken sidewalks can be unappealing, annoying, and even downright dangerous. FoamWorks provides expert concrete leveling and lifting solutions to clients in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Garland & Frisco Texas, area. Whether you’ve got a small section of a pathway that needs to be raised or massive sunken spots across your business’s parking lot, we have you covered.

FoamWorks’ concrete sidewalk leveling and lifting services stand apart from the competition. Our environmentally-responsible HMI polyurethane foam is made in the USA with 39-49% recycled materials. You can rest easy knowing that we provide the repairs you need with sustainable materials. Additionally, our process prevents unnecessary waste by mending your existing concrete rather than removing and replacing it.

Concrete Driveway Repair

If you need a concrete driveway repair specialist in the Dallas, Texas, area, look no further than FoamWorks. We’re able to repair a variety of cement-related issues, such as potholes, pitted or spalled cement, and cracked concrete. As a part of your regular concrete maintenance plan, we can ensure that you get the most out of your cement surfaces for years to come.

Our concrete driveway repair services restore your driveway appeal, improve property value, increase safety, and prevent possible damage to vehicles. Whether you’ve got severely cracked concrete or just a few hairline fractures, we’re here to help. To get started on your driveway repair and restoration contact us today for a free estimate.

Foam Foundation Repair

Discovering that your home or building has foundation issues can be frightening, but it doesn’t have to be. FoamWorks provides minimally invasive foam foundation repair and foam jacking solutions to restore structural integrity, safety, and visual appeal. Realigning your sunken concrete surfaces can also improve your property value.

By injecting problem areas with ultra-durable, uniquely formulated foam, we’re able to provide secure foam foundation repairs. Whether your concrete foundation has caved or cracked due to soil instability, years of fluctuating weather conditions, or water seepage, FoamWorks has the solution.

Cement Repair

FoamWorks offers quality concrete repair in Dallas, Texas. Our cement repair solutions spare you from the hassle and cost of concrete removal and replacement. Our services can also help boost your property’s aesthetic and monetary value. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a massive parking structure in need of repairs or a small home walkway; we’re here to help.

We understand how important concrete maintenance can be, whether it’s a driveway, an industrial lot, a garage floor, or a pool deck. That’s why we provide only the highest quality concrete repair in Dallas, Texas. Our cement repair solutions make it possible for you to get years of use out of your existing surfaces without having to pay for expensive removal and replacement.

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