Sidewalk Lift

Walking Hazard

Concrete raising is a quicker, easier and more cost-effective choice than replacing your concrete. Homeowners are often happily surprised they can have perfectly aligned concrete again, in a matter of minutes, saving them time and money! When compared to concrete replacement, the process of raising concrete with polyurethane foam is inexpensive (compared to the alternatives) and is exponentially faster than replacing the concrete. Concrete raised, leveled and repaired using polyurethane foam is ready to sustain normal use within minutes of being leveled.

Pool Deck Lift

Pool Safety

A pool deck has many unsafe parts, from diving boards, slippery wet areas, ladders, not to mention the pool itself. On top of that, there can be tripping hazards that derive from sunken pool decks, making pools even more dangerous. Typically, a sinking pool deck may have more than a 3-inch difference between the pool deck slab and the bordering of the pool, which can easily become not only an eyesore but more importantly, a death trap.

Stairway Lift

Safety First

Concrete step repair is needed to safeguard the integrity of your concrete steps and provide a safe walkway. When concrete steps have major cracks, uneven sections, or are tilted or sunken, concrete leveling product such as polyurethane foam injection can be injected beneath the concrete to raise sunken steps back to their original position.

Driveway Lift

Precise Lifting

Sidewalk, stoop, & driveway lifting. Polymer injection lifting techniques are what our geotechnical engineers use to repair sunken sidewalks, stoops, and driveways. Concrete leveling can eliminate trip hazards and help achieve ADA compliance to prevent legal liability.