Bulkhead Repair

Professional Bulkhead Repair

The erosion of base soils behind a bulkhead can result in voids that lead to larger problems. We inject polyurethane to force out the water and fill those voids, allowing the soil to regain its capacity to bear weight and strengthening the soil to prevent further damage.

Over time, bulkheads can become structurally unstable and lose the strong foundation that they need to support, hold, or keep up. Often, bulkheads are needed to keep the water at bay and provide necessary support for concrete or wooden structures.

Soil erosion is inevitable around bulkheads, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed with proper help and professional resources.

Save Money

Before you think about costly replacing a weak bulkhead, repair it instead with a permanent fix. At Foamworks, we use an eco-friendly polyurethane foam that is injected into the soils to push out water and strengthen the soil again. This form of foam injection fixes bulkheads by allowing them to get support from the soil they need instead of continuing to lose stability. We also offer special financing so we can help you repair what needs fixed!

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